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COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Policyholder,

We have received several notifications clarifying the New York Executive order 202.13, Support for Policyholders Impacted by COVID-19, including one issued July 6, 2020 (Executive Order 202.48) which specifically stated that the insurance provisions of the order were not extended. With these clarifications and the ultimate expiration of the executive order, our suspension of cancellations due to nonpayment of premium for those who were financially impacted from the pandemic have expired. We have resumed with the issuance of late payment notices (Notice of Intent to Cancel) for all policies with premiums due.   Please keep in mind that the suspension was not a waiver of payments due, but an extension or grace period to pay premiums for those directly impacted by the circumstances surrounding COVID-19.
We understand that some policyholders may still be experiencing some cash flow issues and we are willing to work with them on alternative payment options. We are available to discuss their requests on a case by case basis.

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