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Apartment Programs

Niagara Montauk Insurance has been successfully insuring apartment buildings, apartment complexes and apartment management companies since 2004. Our knowledge in this class of business is unsurpassed and our service is second to none. All of our insurance carriers are rates A- or better, with most of them being A+. We have no problem finding a competitive market for the following types of apartment risks:

  • Individual apartment buildings (4 units and up)
  • Garden apartment complexes
  • Large apartment buildings
  • Apartment management companies
  • Condominium exposures
  • Senior living exposures
  • Section 8 housing

Premiums for apartment insurance have been on the rise, mainly because there are fewer and fewer companies that will insure apartment buildings, and many of the companies that still write this type of account have increased their premiums significantly the past few years. The insurance companies we represent love apartment exposures and most have held the line on pricing – making us extremely competitive right now. Chances are we can save you a significant amount of money. We offer free, no hassle quotes so you have nothing to lose. If you are interested in a quote please fill in the short form below and somebody from our agency will quickly get back to you. Alternatively you can give us a call at (800) 775-2514. We look forward to hearing from you!

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