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Hotels & motels are the primary focus of Niagara Montauk Insurance. In fact, 75% of our total volume is in the hospitality industry. Because we are so specialized, we know the needs of the hospitality industry better than anyone. When you request a quote from Niagara Montauk Insurance, we run a complete coverage analysis for your business, making sure there are no “gaps” in coverage. We even run a Marshall & Swift replacement cost estimate at no charge for every account that we quote.

While nobody will have the best price every time, Niagara Montauk Insurance ends up being the lowest cost about 90% of the time. In most cases, we actually provide more comprehensive coverage and higher limits and still end up being the lowest price. If we find that a certain company is beating our price on a regular basis, we will go out and get appointed with that company. That is the advantage of being so specialized – we always know who the competition is and make sure that we are better than they are.

Apartment Management
Premiums for apartment insurance have been on the rise, mainly because there are fewer and fewer companies that will insure apartment buildings. We are extremely confident that we can lower your premium while at the same time providing superior coverage. The reason we are so confident we can accomplish this is because we represent almost every insurance company that still insures apartment buildings. The more companies represented, the better chance at getting a lower premium. When it comes to apartment building insurance, nobody has more products to offer than we do, therefore lower prices than ours are hard to come by.

Niagara Montauk Insurance offers free, comparative quotes on Hotel & Apartment Management Companies insurance so you can get the best possible rate.

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