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Historical & Boutique Hotels

Hotel Insurance Buffalo New YorkIn the event of a loss is your historic hotel or inn properly covered? Unless you are insured with a policy specifically designed for historic hotels then the answer is probably not.

The unfortunate truth is that regular insurance policies don’t have to replace with historic materials and workmanship – then can rebuild with modern materials and methods. We at Niagara Montauk Insurance represent two carriers that are contractually obligated to rebuild with exact materials and workmanship, regardless of how much it costs them.

The amazing part is that the premiums for these policies generally cost 20% to 30% less than regular insurance companies. They can do this because historic hotels and inns traditionally have far fewer claims than their modern counterparts, thus our companies can charge less and still be profitable.

Niagara Montauk Insurance offers free, comparative quotes on Historical & Boutique Hotels insurance so you can get the best possible rate.

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